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Preserving archaeology and culture for our future

Archaeological Education and Research Services

servicesTo promote appreciation and preservation of southwestern cultures and properties, Old Pueblo Archaeology Center serves as a clearing-house for information on events and facilities involving archaeological and historic sites and ethnic communities, such as volunteer opportunities, tours, cultural celebrations, and museums.

Our organization also develops inexpensive courses and workshops on ancient and modern southwestern cultures, plus opportunities to gain hands-on experience in archaeological and historical methods. Some courses are offered in cooperation with the Arizona Archaeological Society.

Old Pueblo’s scientific consulting services include archaeological and historical site surveys, assessments, and data recovery programs to help clients comply with historic preservation laws. Results of these projects are published in technical reports and popular publications and are shared with the State Historic Preservation Office and other reviewing agencies as appropriate. Where practical, Old Pueblo’s research programs incorporate professionally supervised opportunities for public participation in research and stabilization efforts.

Old Pueblo Archaeology Center also conducts projects to stabilize and restore archaeological ruins and other historic properties for public appreciation, and provides grant-writing expertise for clients who wish to protect and preserve cultural properties and traditional cultural knowledge.

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