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Indigenous Interests

May 11, July 13, September 14, & November 9, 2021; and January 11 & March 8, 2022

            The “Indigenous Interests” online presentations series is a collaboration between Old Pueblo Archaeology Center and Arizona Humanities. It is designed to provide an avenue for communication between Native Americans and non-Indians that can result in more understanding of each other’s cultures, traditions, histories, viewpoints, philosophies, and ways of life. The presenters, all members of Native Nations, will share their thoughts about the human experience; what it means to be human and Native American; how peoples of different cultures relate to one another; compar­a­tive religions, ethics, history, jurisprudence, language acquisition and retention, and philosophy; and how Native Americans view the archaeologists and anthropologists who study them.
            For more information, watch our online events listings or contact Old Pueblo at info@oldpueblo.org or 520-798-1201.

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