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Arrowhead Making & Flintknapping Workshop

flint2Flintknappers Allen Denoyer and Sam Greenleaf offer an “Arrowhead – Making and Flintknapping” flaked stone toolmaking workshop to teach you how to make arrowheads and other stone tools just like prehistoric southwestern Native Americans did. By taking this class you can learn how prehistoric lifeways are better understood through the study and practice of ancient people’s techniques for making and using artifacts. All equipment is provided.

This course is designed to help modern people understand how prehistoric peoples made and used flaked stone artifacts, and is not intended to train students how to make artwork for sale. As he teaches you how to make an arrowhead out of obsidian and other stone just like prehistoric Arizonans did, Mr. Greenleaf helps class participants understand more about prehistoric people by studying how they made and used their artifacts.

New classes are starting soon.See our Upcoming Activities page for class dates.
To register call (520) 798-1201

These workshops usually are held on a Saturday or Sunday morning from 9 a.m. to noon at Old Pueblo Archaeology Center. Minimum age 16 years unless instructor allows younger students to attend with a parent or guardian who also enrolls in the class. Maximum enrollment 8 persons per class. Registration and fee payment are required 48 hours before the class starts.

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