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The latest issue of the Old Pueblo Archaeology quarterly bulletin features an article titled “Skeletons of War: Migration and Violence in the Northern Southwest in Late Prehistory” by archaeologist Lewis Borck. Lewis recently finished his University of Arizona Master’s thesis on this topic, and he gave a presentation about it for Old Pueblo Archaeology Center’s monthly “Third Thursday Food for Thought” lecture series in December 2011.

Previous research into the Gallina archaeological culture of northern New Mexico has revealed significant evidence of violence and massacres, and has focused on the area’s apparent “material disconnect” from adjacent prehistoric groups. While the Gallina certainly embody a unique, near enigmatic, cultural development within the northern Southwest, it is only by understanding them in relation to their neighbors that archaeologists can begin to recognize how the Gallina people affected, and were affected by, larger regional occurrences. This is the perspective that Lewis takes in his Master’s thesis and in this article.

Additional articles in this issue of the bulletin are about the Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary – Old Pueblo Archaeology Center joint membership-benefit program, and some of the programs and upcoming activities offered by Old Pueblo. We think you will find all of this issue’s articles interesting, and we will be happy to provide you with more information upon request.

Please note that the publication-series date on this latest bulletin is March 2011. This is because Old Pueblo is still behind schedule for producing our bulletins, but we are working to get back on schedule by the end of this year.

Like every issue, this latest one is written in a nontechnical format, includes ample illustrations, and is published electronically in pdf format for on-line access. Each issue of Old Pueblo Archaeology includes one or more feature articles about southwestern archaeology, history, or cultures and provides news about Old Pueblo Archaeology Center’s activities and program offerings. Previous issues of Old Pueblo Archaeology are posted on our web site at http://www.oldpueblo.org/pubs.html. Check them out to get an idea of what we include in each issue.

If you would like to start receiving the Old Pueblo Archaeology bulletins, please visit our Membership web page at http://www.oldpueblo.org/member.html or call Old Pueblo at 520-798-1201 to start your membership or subscription using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Diners Club card.

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