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Preserving archaeology and culture for our future
Where ancient petroglyphs include a solstice and equinox marker, dancing human-like figures, whimsical animals, and other rock symbols made by Hohokam Indians between A.D. 650 and 1450

Adult Programs

Public-Assisted Volunteer Excavation and Research Program

AD2176 Old Pueblo Archaeology Center's Sabino Canyon Ruin project slide C6-11 (duplicate); Feature 1012 square adobe-walled pithouse with Jim Trimbell

Old Pueblo Archaeology Center has completed excavations at the CNN Camp Bell archaeological site located in Tucson, Arizona. Preliminary archaeological testing by Old Pueblo has revealed that the Hohokam utilized the site sometime between A.D. 750 and 1450. The Hohokam, ancient desert farmers of south-central Arizona, are known for their distinctive pithouse style of architecture, Read more…

Third Thursday Monthly Presentations

Old Pueblo Archaeology Center often offers free presentations about archaeology, history, and cul­tures for the general public. In addition to the Arizona Humanities Council programs described below, these offerings include lectures to audiences throughout Arizona, and recently have expanded into New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. One of our most popular and regular programs is the Read more…

Arizona Humanities Presentations

Mr. Allen Dart, RPA, has worked and volunteered as a professional archaeologist in New Mexico and Arizona since 1975 for state and federal governments, private companies, and nonprofit organizations. He is employed full-time as State Cultural Resources Specialist for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service in Arizona, and is the volunteer Executive Director of Tucson’s Read more…

Other Presentations

Old Pueblo Archaeology Center offers speakers to give presentations on various topics for educators and other adults, as well as for children, upon demand. Examples of topics include: Archaeological Excavations on the Eastern Tohono O’odham Reservation Archaeological Excavations in the Green Valley Area Archaeology as an Interest and as a Career Teaching the Fundamentals of Read more…

Traditional Pottery Making Workshop


Discover how the ancient cultures of the Southwest made pottery for over two thousand years through one of Old Pueblo’s pottery workshops. Participants will start by learning the history of ceramics in the Southwest and the cultures that produced them, then get started making their own pottery with the traditional techniques used by the Anasazi, Read more…

Arrowhead Making & Flintknapping Workshop


Flintknappers Allen Denoyer and Sam Greenleaf offer an “Arrowhead – Making and Flintknapping” flaked stone toolmaking workshop to teach you how to make arrowheads and other stone tools just like prehistoric southwestern Native Americans did. By taking this class you can learn how prehistoric lifeways are better understood through the study and practice of ancient Read more…

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