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Preserving archaeology and culture for our future

Board of Directors



President: Monica Zappia Young (Re-elected to this office 2/3/2017; board term continues through 1/2020)

Vice President: Samuel Greenleaf (Re-elected to this office 2/3/2017; board term continues through 1/2019)

Treasurer: Monica Prillaman (Elected to this office 2/3/2017; board term continues through 1/2020)

Secretary: Patricia Wiedhopf (Re-elected to this office 2/3/2017; board term continues through 1/2020)

Executive Committee Member: Alexander Cook (Elected to this position 3/14/2017; board term continues through 1/2018)

Board of Directors

Alexander Cook: Elected to Board 1/16/2015, current term expires 1/2018. Recently retired from the College of Engineering, University of Arizona, as a Systems Analyst, Alex is interested in archaeology, and in cultural and physical anthropology, as an amateur. He has served on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society and, with his wife, Madelyn, is a member of the Arizona State Museum, Old Pueblo Archaeology Center, the Grand Canyon Association, Western National Parks Association, the Amerind Foundation, the Tucson Presidio Trust, Friends of Tucson’s Birthplace/Mission Gardens, and other like-minded organizations. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army and enjoys traveling, video production/editing, and learning more about the world around him.

Samuel Greenleaf: Elected to Board 1/27/2004, current term expires 1/2019. Sam Greenleaf, a building engineer and general con­trac­tor, is an active avo­cational archaeologist who teaches Old Pueblo Archaeology Center’s arrowhead making and flintknapping workshops and volunteers a lot of his time on Old Pueblo projects. He is a former member of the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society’s Board of Directors.

Mitchell Kagen: Elected to Board 1/15/2016, current term expires 1/2019. Mitch Kagen fell in love with archaeology while growing up in New York. As an undergraduate college student, he participated in his first dig in 1975, at the Street archaeological site outside Oneonta, New York. Continuing his study of anthropology, Mitch transferred to the University of Arizona where he participated in the excavation of the Hardy archaeological site at Fort Lowell Park from 1977 to 1979. A career change led to a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and a Master of Science in Education. Although Mitch has been employed in the legal field for over 30 years, he still maintains his passion for archaeology. He has been a longstanding board member of a neighborhood association that helped establish and continues to maintain and preserve an award-winning City of Tucson park dedicated to the rich prehistoric Hohokam village below. In addition to his ongoing role as a steward of the site, Mitch has partnered with Old Pueblo Archaeology and the Tohono O’odham Nation to conduct educational programming for children and adults about the early inhabitants in southern Arizona and the need to both preserve and respect all archaeological sites.

Lynda Klasky: Elected to Board 1/16/2015, current term expires 1/2018. Lynda Klasky, originally from Toronto, moved to Arizona as a child for the sunny climate. She traveled to Africa, Asia, South America, Central America, and most of Mexico in pursuit of a lifelong passion for history and archaeology. Her retirement from a 30-year career at the University of Arizona created time to volunteer with the Arizona Site Stewards, Pima Community College Archaeology Center, Old Pueblo Archaeology Center, the Tucson Museum of Art Library, and Pima County Library. Lynda also has volunteered for Tucson Deep Freeze food and lodging for homeless for many years and most recently with Pow Wow (Produce on Wheels Without Waste.)

Felipe S. Molina: Elected to Board 2/3/2017, current term expires 1/2020. Felipe S. Molina, a resident of Yoem Pueblo in Marana, Arizona, learned the indigenous language, culture, and history of the Yoemem (Yaqui Indians) from his maternal grandfather and grandmother, his grandmother’s cousin, and several elders from Tucson’s original Pascua Village. He completed manuals on these culture topics for the Pascua Yaqui Social Service Department and helped document Yoeme family stories of Guadalupe Village for the Pascua Yaqui Tribe Enrollment Department after he retired from teaching in public schools. He still teaches the traditional songs for the maaso (white-tailed deer) dance to Yoeme youth who will be the Arizona Yoeme communities’ future Deer Dance singers. He is co-author of the Yoeme/English Dictionary with Herminia Valenzuela and David Shaul, Maso Bwikam – The Yaqui Deer Songs and The Coyote Songs with Larry Evers, The Old Man of the Fiesta with James “Big Jim” Griffith, The Yaquis and Their Place with Octaviana Salazar and Herminia Valenzuela, and Yoeme Ethnobotany with Richard Felger.

Monica T. Prillaman, CPA: Elected to Board 1/27/2004 and 2/3/2017, current term expires 1/2020. Nica Prillaman is self-employed as a Certified Public Accountant providing accounting and tax services for individuals and small businesses. A member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants, Nica has over 25 years of experience in public accounting and 15 additional years in business. She first became involved with Old Pueblo Archaeology Center in 2002 when, through a former employer, she worked with then-Treasurer JoAnn Cowgill to provide accounting and tax services to Old Pueblo. She was first elected to Old Pueblo’s board in 2004 and served as Treasurer from then until 2006. Nica has had limited exposure to anthropology through a course at the University of Arizona and through a tour of the Hopi reservation, but she respects the mission of Old Pueblo Archaeology Center to educate and promote the appreciation of the history of traditional cultures.

A. J. Vonarx: Elected to Board 1/15/2016, current term expires 1/2019. Amy Jo “A J” Vonarx is a preservation archaeologist and science educator, originally from central Pennsylvania. She holds anthropology degrees from Penn State (BA) and the University of Arizona (MA), with a Master’s Degree in Secondary Science Education (MS) from the University of Michigan. She currently works as an on-call forensic mapping and documentation specialist, serving fire and law enforcement agencies in the Southwest. With over 10 years of archaeological survey and excavation experience in Mexico, Guatemala, and the Southwest, her previous employers include the Arizona State Museum, the Drachman Institute for Land and Regional Development, the University of Arizona AMS Radiocarbon Laboratory, and a number of cultural resource firms. As an educator, A J is passionate about experiential education, service-learning, engagement with public lands, and opportunities for cross-generational community building. She has served on the Public Education Committee of the Society for American Archaeology, as Vice President for Membership of the Society for Archaeological Sciences, and as Old Pueblo’s Treasurer.

Margaret Watson: Elected to Board 1/15/2016, current term expires 1/2019. A native Tucsonan, Margaret Watson attended Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) schools, as have her children. She taught private school for 18 years, then began teaching for TUSD in 1995. Always interested in science, STEM, and outdoor education, Margaret co-wrote over $125,000 in grants for her school to develop outdoor education spaces for students at John E. White Elementary on the southwest side of Tucson. She has always assumed a leadership role in her school as Science Facilitator, and has served on the Leadership Team, Literacy Team, Superintendent’s Group, CAT and MTSS teams. Always an advocate for children, she has fostered numerous ones and adopted two special-needs children in addition to raising her own three.

Patricia Wiedhopf: Elected to Board 1/17/2014, current term expires 1/2020. Pat Wiedhopf is Special Staff Assistant to the Pima County Attorney, Barbara LaWall. She actively participates in organizations that create opportunities for women’s growth, leadership, and power; increase women’s participation in the political process; address the changing needs of education; and work to eliminate racism. Pat received her B.A. in Secondary Education with a major in English literature and minor in art from The University of Arizona. She is president of the Vista Del Rio Residents Association (VDRRA) and has served as president of the YWCA-Tucson and the Arizona Women’s Political Caucus. She serves on multiple boards including the Metropolitan Education Commission, Planned Parenthood Arizona, Southern Arizona Children’s Advocacy Center, YWCA-Tucson, Arizona Women’s Political Caucus, and Vista Del Rio Residents Association. The Vista Del Rio Cultural Resource Park at the entrance to Pat’s neighborhood was established to ensure archaeological preservation and protection of what is left of a large Rincon-phase, prehistoric Hohokam village inhabited between AD 1000 and 1150. Support to preserve this site was initiated and spearheaded by the VDRRA’s Board of Directors, who continue to provide ongoing stewardship of the park. Pat was one of the VDRRA board’s several members who received site stewardship training. In 2007 the VDRRA received a $65,000 grant from a portion of the Tohono O’odham Nation gaming revenues to assist with park up-keep, stewardship and education programs. VDRRA has partnered with Old Pueblo Archaeology Center since then to educate children and adults about the ancient Hohokam who lived at Tucson’s Vista Del Rio archaeological site and elsewhere in southern Arizona. Under the leadership of the VDRRA Board the park received the 2005 Governors Heritage Preservation Honor Award, the 2007 Tucson Xeriscape Contest Award, and the 2009 Historic Preservation Certificate from the Tucson-Pima County Historical Commission.

Monica Z. Young: Elected to Board 1/25/2011, current term expires 1/2020. Monica Zappia Young is an Arizona native, having received her B.A. in 1984 and her M.A. in Anthropology in 2010 at the University of Arizona. She works as Curatorial/Museum Specialist in the Office of Ethnohistorical Research at the Arizona State Museum, serves as Secretary/Treasurer on the Board of Directors for the nonprofit Southwestern Mission Research Center, and does administrative research and outreach for the nonprofit Friends of Tucson’s Birthplace (Mission Garden). Her research interests include ethnohistory, historical archaeology, Spanish colonial borderlands, documentary editing, and genealogy. She has been President of Old Pueblo Archaeology Center since January 2014.

Executive Director

Allen Dart, RPA: Executive Director since March 1994. Allen Dart is a Registered Professional Archaeologist who earned his BA and MA degrees in Anthropology from the University of New Mexico and the University of Arizona, respectively. Al founded Old Pueblo Archaeology Center in 1993 and was appointed Executive Director when the Board of Directors was formed on January 11, 1994. In addition to working for Old Pueblo he is a Principal Investigator for the EcoPlan Associates, Inc., cultural resources and environmental consulting firm. His past employers have included the Arizona State Museum (University of Arizona), Museum of New Mexico, Pima Community College, U.S. Bu­reau of Indian Affairs, and private cultural resources consulting firms. He serves on the Board of Directors for the nonprofit Southwestern Mission Research Center and is a member of the Archaeological Conservancy, Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society, Arizona Archaeological Council, Arizona Archaeological Society, Arizona State Museum (charter member), National Museum of the American Indian (charter member), New Mexico Archaeological Council, Register of Professional Archaeologists, and Society for American Archaeology.

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